One Attacker's Trash is Another Attacker's Treasure: A New Ecosystem Drives Cybercrime Innovation

Raveed Laeb, Product ManagerThe cybercrime financial ecosystem constantly adapts to meet innovative, emerging business needs. Buyers are interested in gaining the most data in the easiest, most frictionless way possible – and threat actors are glad to lend a helping hand: from Malware-as-a-Service, to monthly subscriptions and data breaches, new services are popping up on a daily basis. This entry focuses on one interesting trend taking hold in many communities: the direct and targeted selling of data obtained from banking Trojans and infostealers. This is carried out both directly by threat actors in cybercrime communities and throughout specialized automated markets, and emphasizes a threat against enterprises: actors monetizing corporate credentials. However, these robust and vibrant markets also provide a great theatre for intelligence collection and an opportunity for defenders to have a look directly into cybercriminals’ operations.