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Delving Into The Emerging Infostealers Of 2023 – Report
The risk of cyber attacks by information stealers poses a threat to organizations in the last few years and continues to be a significant concern for companies in 2023. The emergence of new infostealers highlights the ongoing efforts of cybercriminals to create new tools for stealing sensitive data.

Organizations must stay up to date about new infostealers in order to remain vigilant and protect themselves against these evolving threats. We’re happy to share this FREE report with you to arm you with more knowledge!

Read KELA’s latest  Delving Into The Emerging Infostealers of 2023 Report to learn about:

  • New infostealers like Titan, LummaC2, Whitesnake, and others recently emerged from the cybercrime underground that have already gained popularity among threat actors.
  • The most popular illicit markets and channels for distributing stolen data.
  • Outlook on infostealers for 2023 and what to anticipate.


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