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Your Ultimate Defense Against Compromised Accounts

KELA’s Identity Guard is a cutting-edge module designed for proactive defense against credential theft.

The solution swiftly identifies compromised credentials related to company’s FQDNs, issuing real-time alerts directly to relevant stakeholders through streamlined webhook automation to enable rapid responses and prevent potential attacks.

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Kela's Identity Guard moduleKela's Identity Guard module badge
  • Kela's Identity Guard module- Screenshots
  • Kela's Identity Guard module- Screenshots
  • Kela's Identity Guard module- Screenshots
  • Kela's Identity Guard module- Screenshots
  • Kela's Identity Guard module- Screenshots
  • Kela's Identity Guard module- Screenshots


Kela's Identity Guard- Simplified Self-Service Onboarding

Simplified Self-Service Onboarding

Offers tailored value and capabilities designed to meet the organization's specific needs due to the intuitive and straightforward setup process.

Kela's Identity Guard- Classification

Severity-Based Classification

Includes automatic severity classification for compromised accounts, ensuring smart prioritization and resource allocation to allow for timely remediation efforts.

Kela's Identity Guard- Streamlined Webhook Automation

Streamlined Webhook Automation

Eliminates the need for complex integrations, enabling effortless communication between the module, internal teams, and applications.

KELA Identity Guard Module

SAAS Protection

Enhances the security of the company's accounts across cloud service providers.


Kela's Identity Guard- Tailored to the Needs of Organizations of All Sizes

Tailored For Companies of All Sizes

Streamlined Set-Up and Onboarding Experience: Simplifies onboarding process with assets suggestions.

Effortless Monitoring: Enables even smaller security teams to effectively monitor and mitigate compromised accounts.

Intuitive Filters: Allows for the configuration of advanced filters based on severity categories, threat types, third-party providers, service categories, and more.

Kela's Identity Guard- Efficient Workspace

Efficient Workspace

Feed of Detected Compromised Accounts: Provides criticality levels and updatable status (Resolved/Unresolved).

Clear Visualization: Presents visual statistics segmented by selected filters.

Advanced Context: Each result provides information on the associated service and the precise threat associated with the discovery.

Flexible Ticket Tracking: Allows users to filter tickets by resolution status for reference and future audits. Past incidents can be retrieved and reviewed.

Kela's Identity Guard- Seamless Integration for Effortless Communication

Effortless Communication

Timely Notifications: Configure alerts with intuitive playbook-triggered webhooks.

Effortless Integration: Simplify complex integrations with webhook automation to initiate workflows across multiple applications, including Slack and internal security systems.

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