Cybercrime Attack Surface Visibility

See Your Organization Through the Adversary’s Eyes

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the focus has shifted. No longer limited to responding to the latest threats, security teams must now delve deeper, seeing their organization through the adversary’s eyes to truly understand the risks and vulnerabilities.

To stay ahead, organizations use the power of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). By gaining insights into adversaries’ activities, they learn how threat actors perceive their own organization. This provides a precise picture of the cybercrime attack surface, empowering security teams to strengthen their network and system defenses with a deeper understanding of adversary tactics.

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Discover Your Attack Surface from the Attacker’s View

Utilize attack surface and asset management capabilities, enabling operational security roles. Analyze the adversary’s perspective of your company. This comprehensive understanding allows you to assess the level of risk your organization faces and to prioritize security measures accordingly. Today, it is evident that only by understanding where potential threats and vulnerabilities exist can an organization proactively protect its digital assets and infrastructure.

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Tailor Your Monitoring and Alerts

Customize your monitoring and automatic alerting to track threats specific to your organization, supply chain, and assets, focusing on the most critical concerns. KELA monitors your entire attack surface, mapping your network from the outside, keeping an eye on exposed databases, open ports, and other vulnerabilities. The Singular Data View consolidates intelligence into a unified hub, offering a comprehensive overview of your external surface.

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Take Proactive Measures

To prevent cybercriminals from succeeding organizations must implement cybersecurity best practices, fortify user authentication, and reduce their attack surface through technical and organizational strategies. By staying informed about the evolving cybercrime landscape and staying ahead of emerging trends specific to your company, you can safeguard your organization against becoming the next victim.