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We Monitor, Hunt and Mitigate Cyber Crimes with Real Intelligence.
Automatically uncover your attack surface by leveraging attackers’ perspectives for proactive protection.

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We love empowering them and supporting them in their day-to-day operations!

Our Platform Enables
Leading Businesses,
Law Enforcement Agencies,
and Government Organizations
to Proactively Prevent Digital Crimes

KELA Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform


Neutralize risk by monitoring your case objectives and assets for your teams to get actionable intelligence that prevents crimes

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How Security Teams Use KELA


Case Management & Law Enforcement

Strengthen nation-state defenses. Access targeted, actionable intelligence for countering diverse cyber threats. Utilize rich on-premises data and expert insights to enhance efficiency, reduce false positives, and streamline threat profiling.


Cybercrime Attack Surface Visibility

Discover your attack surface from the attacker’s view. Analyze the adversary’s perspective of your company. This comprehensive understanding allows you to assess the level of risk your organization faces and to prioritize security measures accordingly.


Fraud Detection

Combat digital fraud involving online payments, refunds, bank cards, loyalty programs, and more. Use KELA’s technology and expert guidance for proactive defense against fraudulent schemes before they harm your organization.


Proactive Defense

Anticipate potential threats by monitoring the behavior and activities of threat actors relevant to your industry or sector. Utilize KELA's Threat Actors module for meticulous investigations of specific cyber criminals that extend to analyzing web signatures, handles, and other intricate details.


Third-party Intelligence

Use KELA’s automation to spot risks in your supply chain and attack surface. Get insights, monitor, prioritize high-risk vendors. Act: advise fixes or cut connections if needed.


Identity Theft Protection

Customize proactive protection against credential theft. Monitor and identify compromised accounts, including SAAS accounts. Utilize smart severity classification and seamlessly integrate with webhooks for swift responses.


Vulnerability Intelligence

Gather vulnerability intel: analyze bugs, monitor threats. Prioritize by impact. Use KELA for trending vulnerabilities, automate monitoring, spot network weaknesses, halt unauthorized access.


Brand Protection

Discover crucial insights about your brand from all over the cybercrime underground. Get a full view, act quickly. Strengthen your organization’s reputation and trustworthiness.