The cybercrime underground is a complex world that is difficult to understand. Depending on the intelligence needed, there is a huge volume of forums, marketplaces and data to navigate and distill. That makes finding data that can damage your brand– one of your organization’s most valuable assets– extremely challenging.

KELA automatically mines the cybercrime for targeted information relevant to your brand, reaching the most remote sources so nothing important is missed. Deep visibility into your exposure empowers you to take timely action and focus on what truly matters– protecting your organization’s good name and what stands behind it.

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guard against exploit attempts


Senior executives can be prime targets for everything from identity theft and data leaks to doxxing and hacktivism. Protecting their reputation, their privacy, and by extension your organization’s brand, is critical. You also need to guard against exploit attempts through board members and other employees with access to sensitive corporate systems. KELA’s technology continually monitors for leaked credentials, mentions of particular individuals, fraud– even insider activity that may be putting your people and your organization at risk– all based on your organization’s assets.

protect customer data


A logo is far more than a nice graphic – it’s a mark that embodies your brand’s meaning to the world. KELA provides the visibility you need to detect abuse of logos and other protected branding elements unique to your business. Deep insight into misuse of the assets will help you preserve the integrity of what symbolizes your organization’s distinct value.

Your reputation is also vital to your brand. KELA helps you protect customer data from internal and external threats, so your organization remains known as trusted and trustworthy.