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Securing LLM AI Applications with
Intelligence-Driven Red Teaming

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New Opportunities
and Emerging Risks

The AI revolution is here and organizations eagerly adopt AI technologies. However, this surge also brings forth a new wave of threats, impacting companies. As a result, organizations must urgently implement a new security solution to effectively tackle these emerging challenges and risks. 

Generative AI risks

Trust & Safety

Trust & Safety

  • Harmful content
  • Hallucinations
  • Misinformation


  • Prompt injection
  • Jailbreaks
  • Prompt leakage


  • Data Leakage
  • Intellectual property
  • PII

AiFort - Secure the future of AI applications

AiFort provides organizations with a powerful security solution for MLOps and Generative AI applications, leveraging KELA’s intelligence and an advanced AI verdict engine. This ensures comprehensive protection for Large Language Models (LLMs), safeguarding against threats and vulnerabilities in the evolving landscape of AI technology.

Detect Risks at an Early Stage in Development

Detect Risks at an Early Stage in Development

AiFort’s advanced platform allows detection of vulnerabilities from the early stage of the development phase, ensuring a secure development and production of AI models.

Discover Emerging Risks in Production Models

Discover Emerging Risks in Production Models

Continuous monitoring capabilities of AiFort spot emerging threats in deployed models, maintaining their integrity against evolving risks.

Validate Models  at Scale

Validate Models at Scale

With AiFort, the validation of AI models is both swift and thorough, ensuring they meet the highest standards of security and trustworthiness before deployment.

A Customizable Testing Frameworks

A Customizable Testing Frameworks

AiFort enables tailored testing to adopt emerging Ai vendors, across various industries, regulations, and internal policies, moving beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.


AiFort's Solutions

Multifaceted Approach to Enhancing Model Security and Performance

AiFort RED

Automated, Intelligence-Based Red Teaming

Automated red teaming tool

Integration of LLM Threat Landscape

Advanced Benchmarking Capabilities

Detailed Scoring Reports

Customizable testing platform

Protect your customers and employees


Kela’s data lake offers a unique advantage for training Generative AI models,
providing a wealth of real-world cyber threat intelligence.

Unique Access to Past & Current CTI Data

Contextualization of Threats

Detect Impending Attacks and Mitigate Risks

Empowering Gen AI Data models


Helps organizations detect and mitigate AI risks with real-time AI prompt filtering.




Welcome to the future of AI security.

Welcome to AiFort.

Ready to secure your AI journey? Choose AiFort by Kela for an unparalleled blend of intelligence, innovation, and integrity in AI security.

Empowering Diverse Industries: From retail to finance, healthcare to government, AiFort’s versatile platform ensures that every sector can deploy AI applications with confidence, safeguarding against financial loss, compliance violations, operational disruptions, and more.

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