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Welcome to KELA Webinars page! Our masterclasses and workshops offer insightful sessions based on our firsthand expertise, covering topics from the latest cyber threats to proactive defense strategies. Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional seeking advanced strategies to safeguard your company’s digital presence or a cyber intelligence enthusiast, our webinars provide insights and practical guidance to stay ahead of the bad guys in the ever-changing cyber landscape. Start your journey with us and protect against cyber threats!

July 20, 2023

Masterclass: RansomDemystified: Understanding Cyber Extortion

Welcome to the world of Ransomware cybercrime! In this masterclass with Victoria, KELA’s Director of Threat Research, we are delving into the mechanics behind malicious attacks, such as double extortion and Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). Watch now!
September 6, 2023

Masterclass: Hacktivist Operations Funding

Welcome to the world of Hacktivist Operations Funding! In this masterclass with Alex Drury, KELA’s Threat Intelligence Analyst, we will delve into the significant rise of hacktivist activity, fueled by geopolitical tensions surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
July 13, 2023

Webinar: The UAE & Cybercrime – How CTI Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Game

Watch our webinar on the vital role of CTI in safeguarding UAE businesses and government organizations against cyber threats. Learn from Irina, KELA’s Chief Research Officer, as she presents local case studies showcasing the power of CTI. Discover how CTI enables proactive threat prevention and strengthens cybersecurity measures.
June 29, 2023

Masterclass: Exploring the Cybercrime Underground Ecosystem

Watch this eye-opening session with Raveed Laeb, KELA’s VP Product where he explores the cybercrime ecosystem. In this Masterclass, Raveed, a renowned CTI expert, reveals the motivations, tactics and strategies of cybercriminals. Gain valuable insights into their operations and simplify the complex world of cybercrime.
June 27, 2023

Masterclass: Overcoming Today’s Generative AI’s Challenges

Watch the Masterclass with Itsik Kesler, KELA’s CTO that tackles the hottest topic of Generative AI challenges today. In just 30 minutes, you will have a clear understanding of these challenges and guide you on how to confront them.
July 3, 2023

Workshop: Advanced Threat Hunting

Enhance Your Threat Hunting Skills: Join our immersive deep dive into threat hunting, where KELA experts will provide live threat indicators and real-time analysis. Gain valuable insights and learn cutting-edge practices to take your threat hunting capabilities to the next level. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
July 2, 2023

Workshop: Threat Hunting Fundamentals

Join our Cybercrime Threat Hunting workshop with KELA’s Head of Research as we demonstrate the fundamentals of cybercrime threat hunting investigations with live threat indicators and real-time analysis for you to enhance your threat hunting skills and learn new practices.
July 11, 2023

Webinar: Conti 2022 Leaks Overview

On February 27, 2022, as a response to the Conti ransomware gang’s support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a suspected Ukrainian researcher leaked internal conversations of its members. KELA analyzed the leaks to understand the group’s evolution and TTPs, as well as organizational structure.
July 31, 2023

Product Tour: KELA Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

Watch this exclusive product demo of our cutting-edge Cyber Threat Intelligence platform. Get ready to uncover the potential of our platform and revolutionize the way you tackle cyber threats. During this live demo, you will have the opportunity to explore the features and functionalities that make the KELA Cyber Threat Intelligence platform a