Breaking: / KELA Launches Intelligence Driven Third-Party Cyber Risk Scoring Solution to Enhance Cybersecurity Posture

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secure organizations

We take pride in setting a standard for Cyber Threat intelligence.
Our mission is to secure the future of your organization. We help companies to achieve complete visibility into the ever-evolving cybercrime underground ecosystem and take mitigation actions on time.

actionable intelligence

We deliver 100% real, actionable, timely and contextual intelligence about threats and threat actors, enabling security teams to identify, prioritise and effectively mitigate digital security risks. With KELA’s Cyber Intelligence platform, our clients uncover hidden risks by leveraging attackers’ views and unparalleled intelligence for establishing a strong take-charge, proactive approach to their cyber defense.

cybercrime underground

With our vast intelligence and cyber defense expertise, we are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies for  cybercrime attack surface visibility. Our top notch research, product, and R&D teams are pioneering innovative solutions that turn the chaos of the cybercrime underground into organized, actionable data. Our intelligence is continuously updated in real-time, ensuring that our clients have the most up-to-date information to protect their assets.

trusted partner

Our commitment to excellence in everything we do is why we are a trusted partner to government and law enforcement agencies, and businesses across industries.