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Governments and LEAs are faced with myriad cyber threats – from nation-states, organized crime, terrorists, hacktivists and more. If that’s not enough, the talent shortage and well-known skills gap make hiring difficult and keep government security teams stretched. With deep roots in national intelligence, KELA is the ideal partner to strengthen government defenses. We support agencies and bureaus around the world by providing highly targeted, actionable information that security teams need to meet their mission.

Having KELA’s rich data and expert insights readily available and on-prem – boosts your efficiency, minimizing false positives and exhaustive manual effort. KELA studies how threat actors operate, and excels at obtaining the necessary resources to accurately profile them, wherever they are lurking. We also help you stay up to date with multiple threats that may be targeting national assets simultaneously.

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kela for Law Enforcement- attack service solutions


The attack surface changes continually, both in-country and externally. KELA’s automated solutions enable constant monitoring, providing you with deep visibility and contextualized insights into the range of threats that endanger the homeland and overseas interests– including vulnerable critical infrastructure. KELA arms you with the data needed to prioritize threats, action the intelligence, and quickly inform stakeholders when real risks are identified. That avoids harm, and potentially even saves lives.

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Cyberspace is likely to be the future of warfare and is the ‘fifth’ combat war zone. The battlefield is already going digital, with increasing nation state-level attacks, APTs and the looming threat of cyber terrorism. KELA’s technology helps defense intelligence teams to detect, manage and mitigate domestic and international threats. The KELA products can be installed on-prem and continually monitor the cybercrime underground to identify hacking groups, threat actors and their TTPs, and other cybercrime groups presenting risks to national defense.

kela for Law Enforcement


A growing amount of criminal activity happens online or is digitally enabled. Law enforcement agencies need reliable and actionable tools to help address a breadth of unlawful acts – counterfeiting, human and drug trafficking, weapons trade, identity theft, fraud and more. KELA’s technology automatically and continually monitors the cybercrime underground, hunting for relevant threat actors and providing highly targeted intelligence from places law enforcement struggle to access.