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KELA’s Comprehensive Cyber Intelligence Platform


Supports operational security roles by providing attack surface and asset management capabilities. It alerts on targeted threats specifically aimed at the organization by analyzing the adversary's perspective of the organization's external attack surface

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Helps analysts to perform successful threat hunting and deepen their cyber investigations with contextualized intelligence insights as to attackers’ TTPs, threat actor profiles and identities, hacking discussions, and more

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Offers decision-makers high-level intelligence on the ever-changing cybercrime ecosystem, including dashboards of top trends, daily highlights, and finished intelligence feed by KELA's cyber intelligence experts

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Provides SOC teams with automated detection and monitoring of potentially compromised IPs and domains involved in cybercrime activity

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KELA’s market-leading platform penetrates the hardest-to-reach places to automatically collect, analyze, monitor, and alert on emerging threats coming from the cybercrime underground.d

Built on our unique, historical security data lake, KELA’s end-to-end cybercrime threat intelligence platform supports organizations in preventing potential cyber-attacks by making the complex world of the cybercrime simple and accessible. It consists of three products, each designed with a unique purpose to serve the organization’s needs