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A deep dive into Akira and Black Basta negotiations [REPORT]

What tactics do these groups use to extort their victims? How much are their initial ransom demands? What is included in ransom demands, i.e., if a victim pays, what does the ransom group provide?

In this report, KELA takes a deep dive into negotiations by Akira and Black Basta, two groups that were among the most prolific ransomware and extortion actors in 2023.

The report will cover:

  • Extortion Tactics and Ransom Demands: Examination of ransomware groups’ extortion strategies and the sizing of their initial ransom demands.
  • Negotiation Dynamics: Analysis of the components included in ransom demands post-payment and the groups’ openness to negotiation.
  • Threat Execution: Evaluation of the consistency with which these groups execute their threats against non-complying victims.

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