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APT Groups and Their Presence in the Cybercrime Ecosystem [Report]

APT attacks have become a significant concern for organizations of all sizes, and not all organizations are sure how to identify and mitigate them. Despite the sophistication associated with APT groups, they often use the same tactics, techniques, procedures, and resources as “standard” cybercriminal groups.

Despite the aura of sophistication surrounding APT groups, and although it is difficult to identify them in cybercrime sources, the cybercrime ecosystem is an important resource for APT groups when it comes to their operations. The cybercrime underground platforms enable APT groups to source tooling to use in their attack chain, gather information during reconnaissance, leak or sell victim data to damage their reputation, recruit skilled actors and more.

Read KELA’s latest  APT Groups And Their Presence In The Cybercrime Ecosystem report to learn:

  • The reasons why APT groups might choose to use cybercrime sources
  • Cybercrime sources often leveraged by APT groups, featuring intelligence insights from KELA platform
  • The steps organizations should take for protective measures against APT attacks


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