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Ransomware Victims and Network Access Sales in Q2 2023
In the second quarter of 2023 numerous organizations faced significant challenges as malicious actors executed some crafty maneuvers, leading to substantial data breaches and notable security concerns. It's definitely a situation we'd rather avoid!

But fear not, we’re not leaving anything to chance! KELA’s latest analysis for Q2 2023 uncovers ransomware attacks and their victims, as well as sales of networks access. Packed with essential insights, this report offers a comprehensive understanding of prevalent attack methods, targeted industries, and emerging trends.

Read KELA’s latest Ransomware Victims and Network Access Sales in Q2 2023 to learn about:

  • Leading ransomware gangs and their primary targets, analyzed from location and industry perspectives
  • Ransomware and data leaks victims in Q2 2023
  • New data leak sites and ransomware blogs in Q2
  • Notable events involving ransomware gangs
  • Network access sales in Q2 2023


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