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Beyond Donations: How Hacktivist Groups Fund Their Operations [Report]

Monetization Transformation or Will Hacktivists Continue to Depend Primarily on Donations?

In 2022, there was a significant rise in hacktivist activity, primarily triggered by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and other geopolitical tensions. Through active monitoring of hacktivist groups, KELA has identified a shift in their funding patterns. While traditionally relying on donations from community and supporters, it has become evident that solely depending on these contributions is insufficient. In this report, KELA explores the success and failure of hacktivist groups’ various monetization efforts.

Discover the insights presented in KELA’s report, covering:

  • How hacktivist groups, including Killnet, Anonymous Sudan, Phoenix, and others, are diversifying funding beyond donations to sustain their activities.
  • Various methods hacktivists employ to monetize their operations.
  • Potential impact of these monetization efforts on the evolving threat posed by hacktivist groups.


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