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KELA Research

Chinese Cybercrime Ecosystem [REPORT]

As the US prioritizes Chinese cyber threats, KELA exposes the Chinese-speaking cybercrime ecosystem in the new cyber intelligence report. Our research uncovers a multi-layered structure with specialized roles, a strategic blend of domestic and international platforms for attacks, and a growing presence on foreign platforms.

In 2023, CISA prioritized Chinese cyber threats alongside Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Chinese state-sponsored cyber attacks have surged, accompanied by a rise in cybercrime cases and Chinese-language malware. This mutual growth between financially motivated cybercriminals and state-sponsored APTs underscores their integration within the same cybercrime ecosystem. KELA’s research aims to empower defenders against these evolving threats.

The report will cover:

  • Background: Historical context and government impact on cybercrime in China.
  • Chinese-speaking cybercrime platforms 2024: Overview of current platforms and analysis of the Telegram fraud ecosystem.
  • Presence of Chinese-speaking actors on non-Chinese cybercrime platforms: Integration of financially motivated actors and connection to Chinese APTs.

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