2021-2022 UK Financial Sector Cyber Threat Landscape Report

Elena Koldobsky, Threat Intelligence Analyst

UK firms have been recently warned over possible Russian cyber-attacks against western countries, the UK included, placing a scrutinizing spotlight on the UK’s cyber security. Eastern European geopolitics is far from being the UK’s only cyber threat. Various threat actors often target the UK for multiple reasons, including its wealth and importance to the world’s economy.

This research aims to shed light on the cyber threats targeting the UK’s financial sector which is following the trend of transporting banking and financial services online, putting itself at risk of being cyber-attacked. With the financial sector in the UK being the most likely sector to hold personal data of customers, the question of this sector’s state of cyber security is of utmost importance. In addition, the research describes threats that UK companies have faced during 2021 and early 2022 and provides information on advanced persistent threat groups (APTs) that have targeted the UK during 2021.